So, you may be asking what is H.O.P.E. The answer is very simple, in the spirit of unity, the following committees have joined under one umbrella to provide services to members of our fellowship and the public:

Hospitals and Institutions (H&I): Primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery into facilities from which the occupants (clients) have no access to outside meetings. 

Outreach: Primary purpose is to aid out of town or new meetings with getting started. Outreach also provides support to institutional meetings to which the occupants (clients) have access to outside meetings.

Public Information (PI): Primary purpose is to organize members of Narcotics Anonymous for arranged speaking engagements and providing information about our program to the community.  Current Meeting Lists can be obtained from our document library SSASC Document Library

Phone Line: Primary purpose is to organize members of Narcotics Anonymous to support the addicts phoning into our help line wishing assistance with their addiction problems.  Contact information may be obtained from our contact us page: Contact_Us

Entertainment (Activities): Primary purpose of our activities is to promote unity within our fellowship. Our activities are open to all people with addiction problems and their significant others which are sharing their road of recovery. Area Events may be viewed on our current events page: Current Events

Literature: Primary purpose is to support the other NA services by providing NA approved literature. Our literature is written by addicts for addicts and lets us know that "Just for Today, We Never have to Use Again".   Order forms and price lists are available in our new document library: SSASC Document Library